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About us

Interfintrade Group was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced proprietary traders in Moscow, Russia. The main goal of these activities was to provide the founders with a smooth growth of own invested capital. During this time statistical arbitrage techniques were developed for trading in the most liquid financial instruments, including CDS, FXMM, Bonds, Stocks and commodities, spot and derivatives. A magnitude of approaches has been tested. The biggest part of proprietary algorithms come from statistical analysis using Advanced Filtering, Pattern recognition, Volatility Surface Arbitrage models and others. The systems and capital allocations are adjusted as to be in conformity with economic projections and special events.

Our approach is to take calculated risks based on different advanced quantitative methods, adjusting day by day the positions against a majority of risks, including liquidity, credit and political risks.

The fund provides through three subfunds an exposition to highest quality fixed income instruments with enhanced returns, an exposition to volatility through options and variance swaps, as well as an exposition to a multitude of futures and options intraday trading strategies with proven performance.

Interfintrade's competitive edge lies in our active and innovative approach to investing. Interfintrade maintains a highly disciplined process of identifying, selecting and monitoring talented hedge fund managers and quantitative analysts in order to be a leading high quality statistical arbitrage fund with a complete capital preservation.

Building excellent relationships with our clients is as important to us as succesfully managing their assets. We provide client-friendly technology, clear reporing and regular access to investment experts.


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