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Volaitlity trading subfund is based on proprietary algorithms seeking to perform short and long term statistical arbitrage with directional and contingent views on volatility of major European and North-American indicies. This subfund has a gamma exposition to the underlyings. Intermarket, dispersion trading and other types of arbitrage approaches are used. While proceeding to trading the fund seeks to cost-cutting algorithms.

Fixed Income and FXMM

Secure Global subfund allows to gain exposition to the highest quality deposits and bonds, with an enhanced return obtained through relative value trades and derivatives. The portfolio is rebalanced on a daily basis in different major currency pairs in order to provide the investor a possibility of higher yields and carry trades opportunities. The global strategy seeks to produce consistent absolute returns with low volatility by deploying a disciplined approach to exploit relative value anomalities.

The portfolio is in aggregate net long liquidity, flat to volatility and long event risk, while preserving the best names on the book and hedging risk exposures in the case of credit risk deterioration. The portfolio includes sovereign debt (G10), supranational debt, semi/quasi governmental debt, high quality corporate debt, derivatives, and CDS. Fund's focus is on macro and micro relative-value strategies encompassing primarily arbitrage disciplines.

Statistical Arbitrage Trading

This subfund seeks to capture consistent absolute returns through a range of specialized approaches. The strategy's fundamental research driven trades are both of relative value and directional type to capture bottom up and top down edge across multiple sectors and geographic regions. Event driven strategies include risk-arbitrage and share class trading. Advanced high frequency trading and quantitative techniques are used to rebalance on the intraday basis global equities and FX expositions. The fund uses a portfolio of automated trading strategies on FX Spot and Equities markets optimized in order to provide non negative above market returns. Using consistent trend spotting systems, the fund may use energy commodities in order to outperform equities markets. Relative trades include intra-market positions (such as curve spreads, time spreads or geographical spreads), inter-market posions between correlated markets, overlay strategies between market classes (equities overlay on commoditiy markets for example).


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