Interfintrade investment services

We are an innovative asset management company seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns, relying on experienced investment professionals, rigorous risk and investment management processes, strong compliance and controls. Interfintrade delivers active investment management to institutions, intermediaries and private clients.

Interfintrade was founded in 2002 and currently runs a closed fund Interfintrade with three subfunds engaged in proprietary trading and very high quality investment activities. The funds provide a credit exposition on the best names, with a yield enhanced by the use of derivatives. The funds offers an exposition to volatility as an asset class, as well as to high frequency managed futures and options trading seeking statistical arbitrage opportunities. The funds and strategies cover a really broad range of asset classes and currencies to cater for all market conditions.

The goal of these funds is to offer absolute return solutions, providing a significantly above cash or cash times equities return based on current market conditions. To bring in the necessary alpha we use well tested approaches based on quantitative data analysis and statistical arbitrage opportunities. The use of leverage is restricted, based on a full capital protection goal.

The fund is run by a team of quantitative analysts, professional hedge funds managers in several countries. Funds are registered in Luxembourg with depositors being the best investment banks.

Interfintrade shipping services

One of many aspects of Interfintrade's business is to work side by side with its clients. Due to an extensive demand in our specialists work, Interfintrade opened a branch specialized in shipping services.

Today we are more than glad to offer our services in maritime and railway shipping. As always our highly qualified officiers will be more than happy to assist you with any requests. Today Interfintrade can deliver your goods across continents as we have developed a strong alliance with agents overseas. This enables us to ensure that your shipments are promptly expedited through customs and delivered safely.

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